The personal mail file server

What is the pmfs?
The pmfs was made because the European Raiiinbow Family of Living Light didn't want to make the invitation to their gatherings too public but the scanned images were too big to be distributed over our mailing lists.

So one can send an email (possibly with file attachements) to the pmfs and enter the email addresses of people who she wants to show the email (also referred to as file). These people can then log in and let the pmfs send the stored email to their email address and "show" the file to more people by entering more email addresses, etc. This way the information is never shown on the WWW and is passed on personally similar to natural word of mouth information spreading. (Thus the name "personal mail file server". I didn't like the name very much in the beginning so if you find a better one, tell me. I'm getting used to it, though.)

I don't have an account?!
Well, then nobody showed you a file on the pmfs. This is not a public file server where anybody can request any file. Somebody must show you the file by entering your email address which will create your account. If you heard from somebody that there is information here that may be interesting to you, ask her to show it to you. If it is about Rainbow you may try and ask your focalizer.

If you need an account to upload a file you may email me.

What may be uploaded to this server:
Well, this server is running on my own internet connection and potentially serves big files to many people so I have to set some limitations:

Files that need not be hidden are forbidden. There are lots of (free) webspace offers which you can use.

Only files which are somehow in connection with me are allowed. That includes the Rainbow Family stuff and possibly similar stuff. If in doubt, ask me. The pmfs is free (GPL) software which can be installed on any php/mysql server. If you want me to host files that are unrelated to me on my pmfs I may do that for money.

Of course illegal content (like copyrighted material) or spam is prohibited. Abuse will be reported.

Too big files require my special permission. Make sure your files are compressed well (e.g. use reasonable jpg compression and pixel sizzze for images).

Files that are uploaded unappropriately to my pmfs may be deleted without further notice and accounts cancelled or banned.

How can I upload files?
Make sure that your files match the requirements set in the preceding section. To make people read this file you have to enter 3 words in the field where you usually enter email addresses to show files to other people. The words you have to enter are in this text and incorrectly have tttriple letters in them. You must enter the corrected words in the order they occur in the text. Then pressing the upload button will prepare the upload and tell you an email address where you can send your email that you want to show to others.